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Flange Type   which ever style of towball your hitch requires - whether its a long reach ball, an ALKO style ball or a standard ball, the 2 bolt Flange Towbar will accept most ball types. It will also allow you to add cycle carriers ,stabilisers and bumper protectors. Fitting a plate mounted cycle carrier will allow you to tow whilst carrying your bikes.
  Whether you need your towbar fitting at home or work, we'll come to you.
We provide a mobile service, fitting towbars from leading manufacturers including Anker, Brink, PCT, Towtrust , WestFalia and Witter.
What type of towbar do i need ?
Swan Neck  With a built in towball to fit most hitches including the Alko Hitch, the Swan Neck towbar is suitable for towing both trailers and caravans. The electrics are mounted at the base of the neck just under the bumper. The Swan Neck is able to accept ball mounted cycle carriers but is unable to tow at the same time.
Especially designed for frequent use. They are guaranteed to function through a long and demanding life.
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Detachable     similar to the swan neck, but the neck of the towbar can be removed when not in use.  The electrics are mounted either out of sight or under the bumper Detachable towbars are easily removed and can be stored in the boot of your vehicle.  Most of our Detachable towbars are lockable and come with 2 keys. Detachable towbars are more aesthetically  pleasing and are the towbar of choice to avoid obscuring your cars number plate Fog lights and parking sensors.
Single 7pin Electrics      This is the Black 12n socket for road lighting on your trailer, caravan or lighting board. It will operate your Indicators, Side Lights, Brake Lights and your FOG Light. Single Electrics also have an Audible Signaling Device fitted to the indicators
What type of Electrics do i need ?
Twin electrics     For use when towing caravans. Twin Electrics  involves the fitting of two sockets - the standard 12n Black Socket for the road lighting and also a White or Grey 12s socket. The function of the second socket is to charge the onboard battery in your caravan, power your fridge when your on the move and will also power your caravan's interior lights.
The 12s Socket is fitted to the vehicle using a Split Charge Relay to prevent draining of the vehicles battery.
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Dedecated or specific wiring kits
13 Pin electrics      This is a new system for newer caravans combining both the 12n and 12s sockets. It works in the same way as the Twin electrics with the same relays fitted. The 13 pin plug twists and locks into place making it more secure than the conventional socket. Converters are available to convert your 13 pin back to the conventional 7 pin sockets if you tow trailers, or use light boards that use the common 7 pin plugs.
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We are able to supply and fit a wide range of 7 & 13 pin electrics which when installed, interface and communicate directly with the vehicle's management systems. This enables the manufacturer's towing safety features in todays modern motor vehicle to function.
The advantages of a dedicated wiring kit are that the vehicle will know when you are towing and will automatically adjust the following (only if the vehicle has them).
Trailer Stability Program or TSP
Braking Functions
Engine Electronics
Parking Sensors
Cruise control or A.C.C.
Reversing cameras
Lane change assisting
Suspension systems
Engine cooling system

Dependant on the make and model, some vehicles will require a compulsory download from the vehicle main agent to update your car for towing.
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